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My Juice Cleanse Experience

Hello everyone!


As you know, I was raving about my 3-day juice cleanse last week. It is my first time trying a detox of such, and I wanted to document the journey so I can share my honest experience with you.


Recently, I was feeling very lethargic and sluggish. I just got back from my Penang trip (food paradise btw), and right after it was Deepavali celebration, so my family and I had a huge feast that week. I could tell it was taking a toll on my body. A close friend of mine who is a certified fitness instructor suggested that I tried a juice cleanse.


So I looked up online and surveyed a few juicers and in the end decided to go with The Cool Juice. Their price is what got me hooked. It was RM 8 per bottle as compared to other vendors who were charging RM 12 per bottle. Juice cleanse meant drinking a lot of juices throughout the day, so it seemed like the perfect bargain.


I placed the order for their 3-day Classic Detox Program from The Cool Juice and waited for the delivery. I had all of my brightly coloured juices arrive at my door – delivered icy cold and fresh! How good is that? Plus no cooking for three days!



Pre-cleanse (Tuesday)

Prepping before the big day is equally as important as the cleanse itself. So I had very light meals and drank a lot of water to ease the hunger craving during the cleanse. It is best to avoid sugar, dairy, caffeine, alcohol and processed food.


Day 1 (Wednesday)

The cleanse consists of having seven bottles of juices throughout the day. There is 2 hours interval period between each bottle, and it starts at 8 AM right up to 8 PM. The first day was seemingly pleasant as I managed the drink each bottle on time. I was thankful that each bottle had its own label which indicates which to consume first followed by the next bottle. I felt a slight hunger around 7 PM in which I quickly had the last bottle and headed to bed early.



Day 2 (Thursday)

Probably the hardest day to get by during the cleanse. I was feeling very low on energy, and I started having a mild headache. Coffee isn’t allowed during this time, so I felt like I was experiencing caffeine withdrawal symptoms. I’m used to having 2 cups of coffee every day and without it felt like I was not functioning correctly. I kept drinking more water as it’s essential to hydrate yourself and get rid of the excess toxins. My hunger pang started again around 7 PM. This time I decided to listen to my body, and I ate a vegetable salad with tofu. I felt much better and continued drinking the juice as per instructions.


Day 3 (Friday)

I woke up in the morning feeling amazing. My body felt light, and I had increased energy as compared the earlier days. I realised I had better mental clarity, focus and motivation. My mood stayed chirpy throughout, and by the end of the day, I was feeling accomplished on staying on track with the cleanse.




Post-cleanse (Saturday)
I was really excited to get back to eating solid food. However, I understand that my digestive system had a good break. Therefore, I didn’t want to stuff myself with heavy meals just yet. I had a bowl of papaya together with a glass of soy milk. Just having this made me full and I felt hungry much later during the day. I had a sandwich and chicken soup which was really filling after the three days cleanse.


Overall it was an excellent experience for me, and I would recommend this for anyone who would like to try a detox. Here are some tips that I discovered which I hope will be useful for you:


1 before a 3
If you are new, try a 1-day juice cleanse before committing for a three-day plan. I’m lucky in the sense I did not get any harmful side effects of the juice cleanse, but many experienced bloating, flatulence, diarrhea and even severe constipation. Therefore it’s better to commit with one day cleanse first to see how your body reacts to it.


Detox is not a competition
I realise the point of this cleanse was to feed the body with the right nutrients. It’s important to listen to the body and know when to give in to what it wants. If you find the hunger intolerable, fret not! You can always have fresh fruits, boiled vegetables, raw salad and even some nuts. As I said, you are not competing with anyone.


Weight loss
If you think that the whole point of this is to lose weight, sorry my friend this just isn’t for you. During the cleanse, you might shed a few pounds however it is the water weight that’s going down the drain. If you are looking to lose weight, I suggest you try the fundamental regime, clean eating and exercise 😛


Not suitable for everyone
Juice cleanse is not advised for people who are pregnant, breastfeeding, diabetes or on certain medications. It is best to discuss with your doctor or nutritionist before committing to a juice cleanse.


Please note that this is not a sponsored post as I genuinely love the juices from The Cool Juice. I highly recommend you to try a juice cleanse with them. If you are looking to commit to a healthier lifestyle and just not ready for a cleanse yet, click here to read my earlier post ‘5 Simple Ways to Include Fruits and Vegetables into your diet’.



A quick reminder before I sign off. If you do a juice cleanse you will be left with a lot of plastic bottles that could go to waste. Please do your part for the environment by recycling these bottles. The Cool Juice has an excellent recycling campaign where by you will be given a free juice voucher for every 20 bottles that you return after you are done with your cleanse. Talk about staying healthy and going green at the same time!


I wish you all good health and happiness.



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