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Breakfast at RGB & The Beanhive

Hello Flawwesomers ;)   It is a beautiful Sunday, a perfect day for a good hearty breakfast and lazing around at home after, don't you think? :D   So, a good friend of mine was leaving for a 2- week holiday trip to Europe. Yes, without me *sobs*   We decided...

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Afternoon Tea at the Ritz Carlton

Last week was full of celebrations. It started off with my ROM then followed by my best friend's birthday. She joined me and turned 29 this year. Since it was our last year before the big 3-0, we decided to celebrate by taking her out...

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Brunch at APW Bangsar

Okay, let’s get real. Coffee is no longer just a pick me up, it has transitioned from a drink to a lifestyle. The KL coffee scene has been bustling, with more people resorting to cafes for work and play, and there is always a new...

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