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Angkor, Wat?

Siem Reap was the first of my travels this year. I couldn't decide whether it came at the time I needed it the most or the least. I have been dealing with grief for the past few months. My favourite person in the world left...

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Thread your way to perfect eyebrows

Hello beautiful people!   I figured I've have been doing a lot of food reviews lately and been tempting you guys way more than I should. *guilty* Truth is, I do try to eat healthy most of the times, but there are just some days where I feel...

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Favourite Nude Lipsticks under RM 55!

I love the 'no makeup' makeup look. Apparently, it's the IN thing. I wish it were as easy as not putting any makeup on, but the truth is it's a whole new ballgame altogether. Today, I'm specifically going to talk about nude lipsticks and how...

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5 Tips to Growing Out Beautiful, Long Hair

If you are anything like me, you would probably be obsessed with long, lustrous and thick hair. I mean who isn’t, right? The irony is I’ve only had long hair, just above my waistline to be accurate, once in my whole life. It was only back in...

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