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Hiking: 7 Essential Tips for Beginners

Hello Flawwesomers!   As much as I love being in the city, there are plenty of times I wish I could get away from this concrete jungle. Although vacations can a great escapade, but let's be real, it comes with a hefty price tag. In times like...

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Legally Married

Hello everyone!   I hope you're having a great week. I'm back with another blog post and this time it's something personal to me.   My partner-M and I had our Registration of Marriage a month back. Although it was a sudden decision, the event turned out to be...

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Favourite Nude Lipsticks under RM 55!

I love the 'no makeup' makeup look. Apparently, it's the IN thing. I wish it were as easy as not putting any makeup on, but the truth is it's a whole new ballgame altogether. Today, I'm specifically going to talk about nude lipsticks and how...

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Beach Getaway: Lang Tengah Island, Malaysia

Hello beautiful people!   I've been drained out with work, family, and events recently and can find myself constantly daydreaming about my next vacation. I love nature and going to the beach is one of my favourite things to do. While searching for places to visit online,...

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